Handsworth in Italy – Day 2: Burano

Today was our first full day to finally explore Italy on foot… and by boat! A restless night from a combination of excitement and jetlag inspired a couple of our students, Taryn P and Graeme G, to join Ms. Terness for an early morning run. The trio were the first of our group to dip their toes in the Adriatic as they ran along the boardwalk which stretched out along the beach just a few short blocks from our hotel. After a continental breakfast, our entire group set out by bus for the pier where a water taxi ferried us to Burano. Plucked straight from a postcard, Burano is a brightly painted island community established around the industries of fishing and the sewing of lace. Tourism is now a major component of the local economy and our group was fortunate to arrive before the daily crush of visitors from Venice. In Burano students had the opportunity to shop, eat lunch and explore the stone alleyways and courtyards of the tiny island. A midday water taxi back to Jesolo provided us with a leisurely afternoon on the beach and around the town. At 7pm we reconvened for a three-course salad, pasta and pork dinner. Our first full day was topped off with an evening stroll along the beach boardwalk where we stopped for gelato and ruminated on our day. So many great photos were taken today, but Justin G’s skill with the camera really stood out. Mr. Barrett got a few tips from Justin on getting the perfect shot, and many of the shots shared here today are from Justin himself! Everyone is exhausted from a long day, but we know as we progress through the trip each day is going to be more hectic and busy. Next up – Venice!       (Click the images for a larger view)

IMG_1991 IMG_0875 IMG_2011 IMG_0820 IMG_0802 IMG_2061 IMG_2119 IMG_2128 IMG_2142


Arrival in Jesolo

We landed mid day in London today and had a very quick turn-around to make our connecting flight.  After clearing security for the second time today we got to the gate just in time to take off for Milan.  Milan is a fashion capital and lies in the industrial heart of Italy’s northern region.  Here we were met by our tour guide, “G”, and bus driver, Thomas.  The last leg of our journey was a 5 hour bus journey East to Jesolo, located 10 minutes outside of Venice, stopping briefly along the way for some dinner.  We arrived just after midnight and this is where we are now.  It’s around 1am local time and everyone is settling in for the night.  Tomorrow is a “sleep-in day” as Mr Audia calls it…. wake up calls for 8:30!  Everyone is excited to get out and explore some of Italy on foot….20130509-010130.jpg





Updated Itinerary

Here’s a link to our updated Itinerary!

Hi HSS Italy Travelers! It is 34 days until we depart. Please, stop by and see me in Room 210 with an idea of 1-3 people you would like to share rooms with/buddy-up with. Also, have a look at the HSS web site to view the itinerary, to review the flight times, to practice basic Italian, to watch an interesting video on the coliseum, and to add your exciting comments on our blog. Start thinking about, a manageable size suitcase, comfortable shoes(girlz I know, I hate flats, but they are a must), and getting a small amount of Euro’s from the bank to get you started in Italy. I usually take under $100 and withdraw from bank machines in Italy, using a chequing account with a four digit pin code (I use BMO and have never had trouble). Traveling overseas to a country rich in history, culture, architecture, food, and much more is a life changing experience, so please review the HSS Code of Conduct, as we want this to be the best experience possible. In addition, if you have not submitted the photocopy of the picture page of your passport, do so in the next few days – on the back of this photocopy write down two names and addresses of people who have known you for more than five years. If you have already submitted the photocopy just write down this info. and bring it to me in Room 210.
Ciao for now.
Mrs. Terness, Mr. Audia, and Mr. Barrett
Questions: saudia@nvsd44.bc.ca & lterness@nvsd44.bc.ca